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Temperature Controlling manufacturers

  • 23-09-13
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Temperature Controlling manufacturers The thermostat controller physically deforms inside the controller according to the temperature change of the working environment, thereby producing some special effects, thereby producing automatic control components that perform alternately or alternate actions, or different working principles of electronic components at different temperatures. To provide temperature data sent to the circuit for the circuit to collect temperature data.
1. Use of large screen display, significantly improve visibility.
2. Small size design, save installation space.
3. Control Mode: ON/OFF control, P, Pi, PD, PID control. Input Specification: thermocouple: K (CA) , j (IC) , t (CC) , R (PR) , s (PR) , l (IC) .
4. Cost Savings, simple setup.
5. Better temperature control, clear visual interface.
1. Industrial Process Control
2. Electric furnace industry
3. Metallurgical Industry
4. Chemical Industry
5. Temperature, Pressure
6. Liquid Level, Capacity
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working principle
Its working principle is to automatically sample the ambient temperature through a temperature sensor and monitor it immediately. When the ambient temperature is higher than the control setting value, the control circuit is activated and the control hysteresis can be set. If the temperature is still rising, the overrun alarm function will be activated when the set overrun alarm temperature point is reached. When the controlled temperature cannot be effectively controlled, in order to prevent damage to the equipment, the trip function can be used to stop the equipment from continuing to run. Mainly used in various high and low voltage switch cabinets, dry-type transformers, box-type substations and other related temperature applications used in the power sector.Temperature Controlling manufacturers